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The outside of your home and business is the first thing people see. Nice siding can make a lasting impression and XP Construction can help you get the look you want and a look that you will be proud for others to see.


Windows add to the look of your home or business, but also to the efficiency of your building. New windows can cut down on other costs such as heating or cooling the building. If you need new windows get in contact with XP Construction. 


Painting, whether inside or out, can be a chore. Don’t put yourself through the hassle, and let XP Construction come and make the job look as good as possible. Contact us today!


A garage is an extension of your house, and you want it to look nice. Let XP Construction help you with all of your garage needs. From installing doors, roofing, siding, you name it! Contact us today.


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Drywall hanging can be a hassle. Don’t let it discourage you from fixing your drywall or replacing your paneling. Allow us to take the burden off of you.


Do you need trim added to a room? Let us install your trim or paint/ stain your current trim and get your rooms looking just the way you want.


Proper lighting can be a big help in work environments and in the home. Let us install the optimal lighting that will give you the look and feel to any room or exterior you may have.


We do BIG projects! If you are looking for a complete remodel of one room, multiple rooms or an entire building we will gladly take on your job. With the experience needed we will make sure that the job is done right and that you are absolutely thrilled with the end product.


Need an interior or exterior door installed? We’ve got you covered! 


We professionally install flooring to give you the sharp, clean look you desire. 


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